Monday, December 13, 2010

In The Beginning...

I often ask myself why I am really doing this. It has been about three years now. Is it for the money, attention, control, a sexual addiction? Maybe one of the above, or a combination of several things? I'm not sure where I am at with it now, but it all began once upon a time....

The story is simple enough, and I suspect none to different than a lot of girls in this industry. I was finding myself at the end of a not-so-good, long-term relationship, and feeling financially trapped and unable to leave.

At the time, I had a full-time job/career, (still do!) but soon realized I would need additional income in order to extricate myself form this relationship and maintain some sort of finacial stability for the next few years. I didn't have lofty ideas of shopping sprees, crazy amounts of spending money, a Pretty Woman fantasy, etc. --I basically just needed extra money for survival. I'm not a victim of sexual abuse, I come from a middle-class conservative family.

I'm a research geek at heart, and soon found myself looking for information on the beloved world wide web. I uncovered the typical ads, agency information, personal websites, etc. I'm a very private person, and put quite a bit of thought into how I could or would do this, and retain my privacy. God forbid my friends or family find out. I'm not sure how I would handle it.

After googling "My City" (we'll leave this identifier out for now) and the word "escort", I came accross a nifty little site that provided hours worth of reading material, advice, rants from hobbyists, and photos of some of the most beautiful, intriguing women I have ever seen. I immersed myself in the website for weeks, if not months. I was hooked. I had to try it. Being fairly brave by nature, I delved right in. I spent some time crafting my call girl "name", (yes, I actually put some thought into it) set up an email account, created a user id, and dived right in. Surprisingly simple....right? Well, not ALL the time. The experiences I hope to chronicle are a strange mix of crazy, complicated, fun, romantic, off-the-wall, informative, eye-opening , sad, and sometimes shocking. I hope you enjoy!


Girl X